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The questions we are most commonly asked are listed below, if you have a question which is no listed below please contact us and we’ll be happy to help !

Q: Why Are You Selling These Tents So Cheaply, Is Something Wrong With Them?
A: No, there is nothing wrong with these tents, as our business has an association with the manufacturer of these tents we are able to source them MUCH cheaper than just about any other dealer in Australia -
We Pass The Savings On To YOU !!!

There are several retailers in Adelaide who have copied our catch phrase “Adelaide’s Best Value Camper Trailer Tent” – We welcome competition as we have a LOW COST base and we have all of our manufacturing contracted at low prices (no middle man) OUR PRICES CANNOT BE BEATEN – If you can find a better quality, cheaper tent on an Aussie Made trailer we’d like to know about it as we have searched high and low and cannot find anything comparable at a lower price in Adelaide !!!

Q: What Is The Brand Name Of These Tents?
A: Allied Pacific Australia Pty Ltd – These tents are straight from the factory to the customer, we do not have a brand name marked on our products, this does not mean they are of an inferior quality, in fact to the contrary they are much better quality than many other tents available at local retail outlets -
We Welcome ANY Inspection Prior To Purchase

Q: What Does “Weathering Canvas” Mean, And Why Is It Important To Weather My Tent?
A: When ANY canvas tent is new, the stitched areas of the tent (necessary seams, corners, awnings) are threaded with strong cotton. In order to stitch these areas of the tent a needle penetrates the canvas, threading two or more pieces of canvas together. Before ANY canvas tent will be “water proof” it is imporant to “weather the canvas” by wetting, drying (and repeating this process several times). This weathering causes the stitching to expand, and the miroscopic holes (NORMAL IN ALL CANVAS) to shink in, increasing the water proof properties of the material. We suggest leaving the tent set up in heavy rain, then allowing it to nauturally dry (over a period of days) in your backyard before hitting the road with your new tent. The more you use your tent, the “better” the weathering of the material. While no one wants to get wet while camping – it is NORMAL for a few droplets of water to form at the seams of the tent when it is new. The more “weathed” the canvas – the BETTER its water resistant properties.

Q: I Live Interstate, Can You Freight The Tent To Me?
A: YES – Give us a call to arrange a quote.

Please Call Jesse: 0431 047 627 If you live interestate and would like to order, we may be able to slot your order in.

Q: Is There A Warranty? (camper trailers)
A: Yes, Aussie made trailers are covered by a 12 month limited manufacturers warranty, with all approved warranty repairs being carried out by the manufacturer of the trailer. The tent top itself is offered in new merchantable condition at the time of sale, due to the varied use (and abuse) of our tents by end users the warranty is not extended to the tent top itself. We can oblige in providing repair kits should you damage your tent, ask one of our staff if you have specific queries regarding the warranty offered.

Q: Where Can I Inspect This Tent?
A: As we sell these tents SO Cheaply, we do not operate a retail store, we do however have a warehouse in Adelaide which you are welcome to visit, simply call us and arrange a time to inspect our product.

Inspection times are generally limited to Saturday mornings, however if you have a special requirement please call Jesse: 0431 047 627 and have a chat !

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