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Reflective Sun Blanket

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Product Description
Reflect the hot sun from the roof of your camper trailer, the Allied sun blanket is the first affordable solution to help deflect the hot Australian sun.
Made from reflective foil and edged with velcro to attach to your Allied Camper Trailer our sun blankets are now available.
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Hi we bought one of your campers and are thinking about this heat blanket. Reading another query about size, you mentioned that if you have the Velcro on outer side of main tent you are good to go. Does this mean the heat blanket attaches to the Velcro and if so can you still attach the annex? What if you want one over annex also? We keep the annex roof attached all the time and just flip it over main roof when folding up, that's why I ask. Also when folding up, can heat blanket be left on or will folding like that damage/split it? How long warranty do you give? Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions! Julie.

Thanks for the email: 1. The velcro we refer to is above the bed window and above the window which is 1/2 PVC (ie not the velcro where the annex attaches, there is no interference with the annex roof) 2. There is nothing stopping someone from using the sun blanket over the annex however there is no fixing provision on the annex to attach the blanket (ie there is no velcro on the annex to fix it down) 3. This is not a robust material (it is a stitched foil with a backing), I would not recommend leaving it on when the tent is packed up 4. There is no warranty offered with this product, other than typical consumer rights in everyone has in Australia (it is a 50% off clearance of a few we have remaining). We are selling these below cost.

what size is this please

Thanks for the email the size is approximately 4500mm x 2140mm

Hi, I was wondering if you could please give me the dimensions of this blanket? Thank you!

Thanks for the email - the size is approximately 4500mm x 2140mm

Hi, can you provide the measurements of this sun blanket? I have a December 2011 12ft allied pacific camper trailer. Does the blanket only cover the sleeping section (eg the trailer) or does it cover the whole length and width of the camper? Thanks Scott

Thanks for the email, the sun blanket covers the entire roof span of the camper trailer (main section not annex), if your camper has the velro on the outer side of the main tent (outside of bed area and outside of furthest part from the bed, you are good to go). Jason

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